At Serapis, we strive for you to achieve targeted and affordable learning success tailored to your corporate, academic, or everyday needs. Select from individual, group, and workshop environments at locations of your choice, even virtually online.
Put differently, we will travel to you or meet you virtually at no additional cost to you in the interest of providing an optimum of balanced learning effectiveness and efficiency.
In addition to providing outstanding value by passing on the savings incurred as a result of our lean and streamlined operations, Serapis strives to not only develop, but also maintain solid long-term partnerships with its students.

To summarize, key factors differentiating us from the competition include, but are not limited to:

  • The strongest, most professional, and most vetted instructors
  • Higher learning retention by using an incremental immersion model and distinctively competitive tuition
  • Goal-oriented learning options customized for one-to-one and small-group settings, including skill sets prioritizing speaking, reading, writing, business or social English, leadership, negotiation, soft-skills training
  • Real-time tailored curricula and acquisition materials, including level assessment, workshops, case studies, cultural integration, and progressive adaptation practices

Our programs prioritize and emphasize:

  • traditional language learning
  • skill-set acquisition & practice
  • presentation preparation and review
  • focus on social, business, finance, marketing, technical fields
  • program-structure designs for moderate to fast-pace progress
  • day-care, child, young-adult, personal, and corporate courses

We will continuously fine tune and adapt each program in the process of possibly changing student requirements, current events, and/or unforeseen developments.


About the leadership of Serapis LLC:

Christian Mehnert, based out of San Diego’s West Coast Center in University City, CA, graduated summa cum laude with a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Rider University in New Jersey, USA. During his preceding engineering studies at Berlin Technical University he was selected and awarded an academic scholarship, the result of his excellent scholastic performance there. He is a U.S. citizen and enjoyed an international career in various technical, management, and marketing roles at a division of Bayer Corporation, spanning more than a decade. Besides the U.S.A., during his tenure he also lived, studied, and worked in various other countries, including Germany, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Australia, and Austria. His linguistic and cultural exposure formed the basis for spearheading the foundation of Serapis Languages in 2009. His passion for aviation and simultaneously most notable extracurricular activity is that of being a certified and licensed commercial pilot.

Further details and information are gladly available on request.