The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) created proficiency guidelines in order to provide a means of assessing language proficiency.
Professional, political, and grass-roots discussions about foreign language studies and cultural interaction are on the rise in the United States. This new emphasis on the importance of knowing other languages and understanding other cultures provides an impetus to language educators worldwide to share and collaborate using their most successful instructional and assessment methodologies.

A unique tool is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), sharing many similarities with the US-developed ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, thereby providing a substantive and comparative system encouraging learner-centered, task-based approaches to the teaching and learning of foreign languages while emphasizing goal setting, assessment, curriculum, and instruction.

Serapis Languages provides the opportunity to acquire the ability of functioning on professionally and personally useful levels in the language of choice by embracing and emphasizing language learners:

  • To value cultural and linguistic diversity
  • To encourage the retention and development of heritage languages
  • To become successful participants in the transnational language community

By basing our classification system on CEFR with its comprehensive reference to other frameworks and guidelines, such as the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, Serapis progressively facilitates and supports efficacy through comprehensive inclusion and awareness of:

  • Transparency and coherence in language learning
  • Common criteria for a description of language competencies
  • A single framework for all aspects of language teaching and learning: planning, instruction, and assessment
  • Intercultural competencies
  • Diversity of language learners
  • Self-assessment and reflective, autonomous learning
  • High levels of language competence
  • Use of language portfolios for instruction and (self-) assessment
  • Potential integration of the CEFR and ACTFL scales

The Common European Framework divides learners into three broad divisions categorized as six internationally standardized proficiency levels.


A concluding note to all our prospective students:

Best of all, while the above might have the sound of an expensive price tag, the opposite is true in reality. By prioritizing and organizing each program following the Serapis guidelines outlined herein, by truly connecting, we not only ensure a complete understanding of each student’s goals and needs, but simultaneously position ourselves to effectively streamline the instruction, thereby rendering each student experience to be exciting, rewarding, and successful. The end result: You will advance quickly while investing less!