Whether your focus is on speaking, reading or writing, we will travel to your corporate location for on-site instruction or meet with you via an online platform for virtual sessions. Your employees will train to effectively communicate in social and business settings with overseas colleagues and clients, thereby attaining their work-specific language goals.

As with all our programs, the native-fluent instructors will teach you to communicate in your target language and familiarize you with idiomatic expressions, colloquial language, and applicable local customs. A cultural component is thus automatically an inherent part of all Serapis programs.

Customized Workshops provide tailored content diversified to meet specific goals in areas such as Cultural Differentiation, Business English, and the introduction and practice of industry-specific terminology.


Private (one-to-one)

Private instruction is our most flexible language-training program. It is custom designed to meet an individual schedule and a unique set of objectives. It provides personalized, one-to-one language learning customizable to cover specialized vocabulary and business expressions related to the organization’s needs or the student’s job description.



Unless different arrangements have been made, a small group of 2-6 students will meet for 60-120-minute sessions of language training specifically tailored to the needs of a group of co-workers or team members. It represents an economical way to provide language instruction for those with the same needs and objectives. Keeping the group size overseeable ensures everyone the opportunity for personal attention and group participation.