Soft-Skills Specialization

Serapis has been offering and conducting transferrable soft-skills immersion programs to international clients in a variety of countries. As needs emerge and evolve, we continuously add to our expansive repertoire of subject topics and targeted content.

Whether you are interested in cultural differentiation, business English, or the introduction and practice of industry-specific terminology requiring moderate or high-intensity schedules, our programs emphasizing student/employee achievement clearly represent the one-stop choice.

As our courses are presented to clients around the globe, we realize the existence of inherent challenges not necessarily met through standardized course content elsewhere. It is the reason why we ensure in real time to extend particular attention to the applicable use of e.g. phrasal verbs, colloquialisms, and idiomatic expressions. Intertwining them into the delivery with added focus on formal and informal use not only sharpens the perspective; it promotes the important and enhancing element of motivating, lively class dynamics!

Some of our related content components represent:

  • Decision making and leadership development
  • Effective communication and motivation
  • Creative thinking
  • Conflict resolution and team dynamics
  • Meetings, negotiations, and problem solving
  • Public speaking, adaptability, work ethics, and time management
  • Business and professional writing
  • Career and social networking
  • Personal branding and professional development
  • Diversity awareness and cultural competency
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing

All learning and study materials are carefully selected to ensure our requirements in terms of methodology, content, and structure are entirely satisfied.  As students progress through each course section, we administer regular advancement tests, such as the Serapis Stage Check.