Whether your focus is on speaking, reading or writing, we realize that there are many reasons why adults want to learn a language. Whether you are traveling abroad or have that special someone in your life who speaks another language, we can help you reach your language goals with our native-fluent language instructors, trained to have you increase your foreign language skills effectively and efficiently.

The combination of our language instructors, study materials, tailored curricula and environments conducive to learning will facilitate a rewarding learning process.

Private (one-to-one)

Private instruction is our most flexible language-training program. It is custom designed to meet each individual’s schedule and unique set of objectives. Private instruction provides personalized, one-to-one language learning. You have the option of scheduling your sessions in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Each session spans 60 to 120 minutes, unless other arrangements have been made.


Led by a native-fluent instructor, unless different arrangements have been made, a small group of 2-6 students will meet for 60-120-minute sessions of language training specifically tailored to the needs of its members. It represents an economical way to provide language instruction for those who have the same needs and objectives. Keeping the group size overseeable ensures everyone the opportunity for personal attention and group participation.